D and H Oil & Gas  Services is an Oilfield service company. Its 
services range from flowback, well testing , vacuum truck services as 
well hyrdrovac services. Providing operating companies their needs.

    Flowback and well testing is a service that entails cleaning the 
out the well. Flowback is basically cleaning out the well. Example, 
Flowback crews rig up from the well with a flow manifold and flow lines 
to open top tanks or frack tanks. The use of the flow manifold is to 
control the well with a series of positive chokes or adjustible choke. 
This process is done during the perforating , fracking, milling out 
plugs or bleeding off the well.
    Well testing is the process of using either poratable or lease 
equipment to calculate and gather data to compile a report for Texas 
railroad Commission. This a performance test on well production. 
Equipment used is flow manifold, test separator, sand Trap, and Line heater.
   Vacuum truck Services are used to remove, or add fluid to a facility 
or location, 130 barrel capacity tanker.

     HydroVac services  is a specialty service truck that in essence a 
giant vacuum cleaner use to clean out the open top tanks, mud tanks and 
can also be used as  hydro excavator. Hydro excavation is a process of  
using water under high pressure along with a strong vacuum generated by 
the truck to dig into the earth.
   We at D and H manufacture open top tanks as well production tanks
for service companies and operating companies. Our open top tanks
have a capacity of 200 barrels and the production tanks have a 
capacity of 400 barrels. We also manufature tanks to customers 
Thank You